Design, Images and Content 2013 Whiskered Paintings - Denver Pet Portraits, Helen Pavlac

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Commissioned Pet Portraits

By Helen Pavlac



These images are a selection of silhouettes that I have painted. I can paint any breed or work from your photos.

Every silhouette is an original watercolor painting and features unique textures and beautiful subtle tones. These paintings are modern pieces with a traditional twist. I paint a new silhouette for each order. As such, no silhouette will turn out exactly the same and will be a one of a kind keepsake. While black is the standard choice, you can choose any color to perfectly match your decor or pet.

Feel free to send me photographs or breed photos that fit your dog's looks.

I can work in different sizes on request. I can also group silhouettes of multiple dogs in the same painting or paint a custom composition. Email me for an estimate if you'd like something a little different!

Standard sizes include:

5x7, 8x10, and 11x14

My Etsy Shop has listings for both custom paintings and prints.