Design, Images and Content 2013 Whiskered Paintings - Denver Pet Portraits, Helen Pavlac

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Commissioned Pet Portraits

By Helen Pavlac



This is a short list of some of my favorite local Denver area animal rescues.

Dog Breed Specific:

Colorado Basenji Rescue

Shiba Scout Rescue

Colorado Greyhound Adoption

Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue

Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue

Italian Greyhound Rescue Colorado

German Shepherd Rescue of the Rockies

The Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue

High Country Bassett Hound Rescue

Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue


National Mill Dog Rescue

DMK Rehoming

Colorado Puppy Rescue


Almost Home Adoptions

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

One of my main goals with Whiskered Paintings is to fully engage with the dog community and make a positive difference. I'm working toward making a percentage donation from every one of my pieces to a local rescue. This is still a work in process, mostly because there are so many rescues that I want to work with and figuring out how to divide my donations is really difficult!

I try to choose a new rescue every month or so and donate a percentage of my sales directly to them. If a client has a specific rescue they prefer to donate to, I am always open and eager to learn about more Denver area animal rescues. I also love hearing about pet charity events that I can attend!