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Commissioned Pet Portraits

By Helen Pavlac


How to Commission a Pet Portrait

Step 1: Contact me so that we can talk about how you would like your pet painted.

Step 2: Find some photos that make your pet look great and email or snail mail them to me. (For more information on choosing or taking a good photograph, check the Photo Tips.)

Step 3: Once the details are settled, I will send you a contract with the final pricing, timing and terms. A deposit of $100, along with the signed contract, will be needed before painting begins. (Deposits will be lower for paintings costing less than $100.)

Step 4: I will send you pictures of the painting in progress so you can see how it develops and add input.

Step 5: You approve the emailed photo of the final painting and wait for your finished piece to arrive!

Timing: Completion time for paintings vary, depending on size, medium, and level of detail. Acrylic paintings can usually be completed in 2 to 3 weeks. Oils, however, need at least one month to dry before being shipped or framed. A general time frame for oil paintings is 6-8 weeks. I will do my best to accomodate holidays and special occasions. A final date will always be agreed upon before work begins.

Payment: I accept payments through PayPal or through mailed check. After the initial deposit, the rest of the remaining balance will be paid in two steps: one payment with the initial sketch and payment before sending out the final painting.

Shipping: I have shipped paintings across the country and internationally. Smaller paintings, such as watercolors, will be shipped in a padded envelope or small box, costing about five dollars for First Class Mail via USPS. For larger paintings, I hand make boxes and pack the paintings for absolute safety. A 16x20 painting costs about thirty dollars to ship across country via UPS.